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February 2019 Newsletter

Congress passed the Foundations for Evidence Based Policymaking Act of 2018, affiliates Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman advised Senator Elizabeth Warren on a wealth tax proposal, affiliate Rucker Johnson and co-author C. Kirabo Jackson found that early childhood investments can make subsequent investments in poor children more productive and more…


November 2018 Newsletter

William Dow and affiliate Michael Reich launched a new research hub to explore the health effects of income and workplace policies, Solomon Hsiang and Professor Robert Kopp released "An Economist's Guide to Climate Change Science," Daniel Schneider and co-author Orestes Hastings were awarded The Tobin Project's 2018 Prize for Exemplary Work on Inequality and Decision Making and more…


October 2018 Newsletter

O-Lab launches In Brief, which summarizes important and timely research papers by our faculty, Hilary Hoynes was featured on PBS News Hour, a research by a team of economists, including affiliate Michael Reich, finds that wage hikes led to significant increases in earnings without significant reductions in employment and more…


JUNE 2018 Newsletter

Enrico Moretti's book "The New Geography of Jobs" made it onto Obama’s reading list, Jonathan Kolstad and Benjamin Handel receive the 2018 ASHEcon Medal and more…


DECEMBER 2017 Newsletter

O-Lab launches Our Take, Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman examine the GOP tax plan and find it “achieves just the opposite of its stated goal," Solomon Hsiang writes a New York Times Op-Ed on the economic costs of Hurricane Maria and more…