Current Initiatives

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The new Labor Science Initiative at Berkeley is establishing exciting new linkages between the fields of Computer Science, Machine Learning, and Economics and Public Policy. By building a new cohort of researchers who are fluent in the tools of both disciplines, the initiative is developing new methods for analyzing labor markets, and generating new insights about inequality in the workforce.


initiative on Inequality and Place

The Promoting Opportunity and Growth through Place-Based Policies initiative supports an emerging body of research focused on the geographic disparities in income and employment across the country. In particular, the project focuses on understanding the extent to which locally- and regionally-targeted policies and investments can make a difference in reducing poverty rates, equalizing opportunities, and improving long-term outcomes for those living in persistently low-income areas.

Beyond the initiatives described above, O-Lab provides ongoing support to faculty and students working across our six core Research Areas. More information about ongoing research and publications in these areas can be found by viewing the "Research in Brief" and "Research Overview" pages.